12 A Wake up Call to the Church - 14-11-2010

Vision given on Sunday 14 November 2010

This explains an open Vision in which the Lord Jesus led me through various chambers and revealed different issues that exists in the Body of Christ and it also revealed what Christ is about to do and what is going to happen to the Church

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In these very urgent times - I began to meditate on the timetable of this vision - in the beginning this Vision was like a warning

My conclusion is that Jesus has finished investigating the way we and church leaders have handled ourselves in relation to the Body of Christ and that we are now in the time of the Consequences!

27 September 2014

Like with Job there had been a "wall of protection" around the Church or the Body of Christ but this year, 2014, that wall cracked with the Church Building in Nigeria that collapsed - the Wall of indiscriminate protection has also collapsed!

The implication is the following: Jesus has taken over as Head of the Church and only those connected to Him are part of this Church; The works of satan will be destroyed and every work of man, that was built with the tools of satan, will be destroyed in a process of purging or cleansing of the temple.

At the same time, the wall of protection and grace that was there because of ignorance, will no longer be there. In December Paul Crouch died and January Dr David Jonggi Cho was the convicted of a crime although it was suspended - and then a building collapse and many died, at the Synagogue Church of All Nations - TB Joshua's Church in Lagos Nigeria. Then we entered a New Biblical Calendar Year. 5775.

1 A JOURNEY WITH JESUS: The Vision started in the little crowded streets of old Jerusalem where I looked at the face of Jesus at a close distance and was overwhelmed with the wonder of seeing Him. As I worshiped Him and held on to His hand with both of mine and did not want to led go and He began to take me on a trip to showed me different things. While He was showing me these things I became aware of an urgency as if He was hurrying towards a do something..

He drew me down the little streets and later through a tiny door and then flying over the different cities of the world

Revelation flows out of personal relationship and fellowship with God. How well do we love Jesus. Can Jesus share His heart with us. Real fellowship with Jesus happens with the heart not with our reason and emotions or according to some religious rule. What striked me in this vision, was that God is accelerating His work - but also in patience He is making haste, making a thorough search to deliver His church. "His Fan is in His hand" and He will thoroughly purge his harvest floor - Matt 3:12

churches 2 INFLUENCES IN CHURCHES: I saw different church buildings with cables on both sides, like an elevator of some kind, one side was pulling the churches over the edge into the bottomless pit – they are all suspended on different levels. This picture revealed the state of churches and the tension between the different influences on churches - the

work of God on one side and that of the enemy on the other.

In the Churches themselves there existed a tension between the people of God and that of the enemy. Unless we start to recognize that it is the enemy that has been hard at work in the churches, we will always be fighting people and be discouraged and disappointed in Christians in Church.

silver-bowl 3 WELLS OF SALVATION: Next I saw a little well. A silver bowl hanging from silver chains was lowered into the well and then drawn out. A ladle (meaning – draw deep – drink deep) full of the water was given me and Jesus said “Drink” and I finished it. Then He said “Go, take it to the other people”. And I took it to the people that

were sitting around the well.

Silver speaks of the purifying work of God and the Holy Spirit - the wells of Salvation. God has already made provision for us and the Salvation that Jesus obtained for us on the cross. We need to drink deep out of God's provision for our Salvation - for healing is already ours, provision and deliverance already given to us together with Jesus Christ.

knightDEFEATING SIN: There was a king totally covered with silver armour but there was something wrong with him, he was lying down and his face looked terrible and old and sick. Around him his friends were standing but they were helpless to help him. The power of the Gospel and forgiveness of sin is healing - working as a minister of God without dealing with sin bring affliction to leaders.

I believe God is calling us back to the power of the Gospel. We need to drink deep out of the Wells of Salvation. Jesus is still the one that delivers and saves. Only in Him is deliverance to be found, only in His work is deliverance power to be found. We share the Gospel and bring the whole Gospel back into the church – forgiveness of sin and salvation

crown4 SEEKING HONOUR: The Lord showed me a big chamber where people were lined up, according to their importance, along the wall. The last person had a crown in his hand, deliberating whether he should put the crown on his head. But the person next to him pumped him in his side and showed him that there was a more important person next to him.

This was a Jesus like figure but, totally covered with a white sheet – but it felt wrong. It did not look like Jesus, and after all, I was still holding Jesus’ hand! There was something wrong with the self-measuring of leaders.

I believe when we are comparing ourselves by ourselves and judging others by our own measures we are being misled by pride and the highest place is occupied by the evil one! God seeks Humility in the Heart.

stone pot5 TEACHING THE WORD: hen Jesus said “Let me show you the water carriers”. I saw a man and he had a stone water pot filled with water, and he lifted onto on his head to carry it. Then he would say “It is too heavy for me”, and he would lower it and pour out some water. Again he lifted the pot unto his head but it was still to heavy, saying “It is too heavy for me” he poured out more water.

He repeated until he said “Now I can carry it”. And I went closer and looked into the pot – and the rounded bottom was not even covered with water!

It revealed that the people reponsible for preaching the Word, find the burden of the Word too heavy. But instead of doing something about it and changing, they throw away some of the water. They keep doing this until you can scarcely recognize the Word and it has no power left. We need The Word working in our Hearts and growing. We need to be full of God's Counsels

bunker idol 6 SEEKING ANOINTING AT ANY COST: saw a chamber that was of solid Rock, a man was looking into it through a narrow slit, through which a faint glow was coming. On the inside, there were people busy collecting shining things from the floor and placing it into bowls, Then they placed the bowls on the lap of three stone idols.

The idols had different names and the name of the first one was “my ministry” etc. I was disturbed by what was happening and said to the Lord that this cannot be, it did not make sense. I asked the Lord where the anointing was coming from and He showed me drain pipe. This was where the discarded polluted anointing were thrown away..

The Stone room was like the hard heart of man that hid many evils. Not only did man not respect God and His Glory – they did not care where power came from and no longer honoured God as God. They even taught others to do like them.

The man that was so fascinated by these people, also did not seek the Lord but rather wanted to find out "the secrets of men" concerning the things of God. Idolatry is witchcraft – and the church needs deliverance.

mine7 THE BODY OF CHRIST IN SLAVERY: The last cavern like Chamber was like a coal mine in the 18th century - dark with many ovens. Something was mined and cart transported it. Many workers were industriously work. The back wall revealed a Giant man with strong muscles but he was shackled hand and foot

shackles – but the giant had no HEAD. Next to it was a Slave Driver with a whip and was forcing the giant to work for him, for from this giant flowed the anointing and the anointing was then carted off to some place.

Sometime church leaders forget that the Church belongs to Christ and they make the Church work for their personal benefit.

boiling flood8 JESUS CAME TO SET US FREE: I saw that this was where Jesus was hurrying to. And suddenly, with great vengeance, Jesus moved forward. And He took possession of the giant and filled the Body, for it was His Body – the Church.

Suddenly from behind a mountain of water burst through the wall, sweeping everything away but Jesus, the Head of the Body, remained above the water.

Jesus is jealous for His Church and wants to deal with every evil practice and abuse brought on her. Only a Revival of Righteousness and bring about the restoration of the Church.

I believe that Jesus is jealous for His body and desires to take up His rightful place as the Head of the Church – in many ways He has been robbed from His position and that is the reasong why the Church was chained and fell prey to many "bad masters." But Jesus will fill the Body and be the Head and will rescue us from all uncleanness and evil, all pollution and false religion. The Church need Deliverance and Revival

May every Believer finds his position in the Body of Christ that is fully connected to the Head – Jesus Christ – and not be cut off and starved from Him at any point


I believe that through this vision the Lord has revealed some of the issues that “HE has against us” – just like He told the 7 churches in Revelation. There is ONE thing that reveals the state of our churches and ONE that reveals the problem of the Body of Christ. There is ONE key given to us, that we have received for healing of the body. Then there are THREE things that reveals the state of the heart – the malady of our time! Then there is a PROMISE and A PROPHECY of what Jesus will come and do when He takes up His place as the Head over the Church!

For this reason we should know that Salvation is the rescue plan for individuals and for the Church. We need to learn to DRINK DEEPLY out of the well of Salvation – to be Healed and become Righteous through the Salvation work of Jesus. Then it will manifest powerfully in our lives!

When we teach the Gospel and the Word to fit in with us, we are in danger of God's judgment – when the Lord tells us to warn someone and we do not – their blood will be required from us. Pride is a serious sin among believers and the end of it is great calamity. When our heart becomes so hardened that we no longer find our way to fellowship with the Lord, we have become, in some way, involved in idol worship and demon worship even while we are going through the motion of doing the work of God.

The Lord’s promise is that He Himself will come and rescue us, when He do not find people to stand in the gap, and His rescue will be terrible and swift – even terrible to those that continue in the way that grieves Him!


by Leonie Louw

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