Places that we visited in 2015

Visiting New Zealand

I had a dream about the stripping of South Africa of every decoration and all her glory. Even the floor cover was stripped to the bare ugly cement. In Christchurch we visited the devastation of the Earthquake. This will always be a to me a visible reminder of what can happen to a city. It was like the manifestation of what was happening in South Africa. Only the last two years has it been revealed how great this devastation has been perpatrated on South Africa. God help us!

Nomad Backpackers Wellington Flying to New Plymoth
Stratford with Filipino friends Presbyterion Church in New Plymouth Dawson's Falls Easter Alive! Production New Plymouth

North Palmerston

Wellington Harbour Wellington Museum Flying to the South Island
Christchurch Earth quake Memorial to each person that died
Christchurch New Plymouth - Back Beach South African Business in New Plymouth




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