Gardens and Plants


This year we have restored the Garden and drastically changed the layout.

We have made a secluded spot where the birds visit surrounded with Bromeliads and shapely old trees and trunks. A very lovely place to listen to the songs of the birds, have a time to think and enjoy quiet and restfulness without disturbances.

We changed the Lapa - rescuing it from mosquitoes and lots of odds and ends that ended there. Surrounding it with Clivias and a Re-newed rose garden.

We worked on a water garden with a outdoor shower and a herb nursery - surrounded with a cottage garden crazy flower mix with Cosmos and wildflowers. We want to modify it so that it can become a nice and cozy Sun-Room in Winter.

The Idea is to create many different corners in the Garden were people can pray or have a Bible Study in Nature

Plant for Welfare Projects

We have started a project to collect money for our December Blessing project where we give extra food parcels, visit the elderly and orphans with a gifts and collect soft Toys to bless them with.

"Bring a plant or a tin of Fish" project, is a fun project where everyone brings a plant out of their garden and we sell it for very cheap - we hope to continue this project through the year also for our Bible Distribution Fund.


Last Update 2018