Teach the Nations and make Disciples of them

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It is important to Teach what Jesus taught and not to be ashamed of the Gospel. What will we gain if we are so political correct that we lose our boldness to speak and embrace the Word of God without compromise. We might please worldly friends but gain nothing. But if we please God rather than man we will have God's support and our children will be taught by the Lord.

Revelation of the heart by the Spirit is wholesome food and sustains us. People may promote Human words and ideas but they are powerless and often destructive because they lead us away from God's destiny plan for our lives


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Teach people to obey Everything that Jesus commanded - that is what Jesus sent the disciples into the world to do. What they preached was not simply information but they preached about Jesus that expects us to follow His commands and His teaching. Jesus is not just happy for people repent and turn to Him, but He teach us that we have to give our hearts to Him - that means that we are no longer our own but we belong to Him. If we belong to Jesus we better find out what He requires of us.

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