Agriculture Project 2 2015/2016

Progress, improvement and Comparison

Agriculture Agriculture
Building Stuff - infrastructure Good Results - improvements
Agriculture Agriculture
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There are different aspects that we are exploring to bring to communities:

Baby steps to tunnel
1) Barrier for the animals of the field 2) Improved with sagging net 3) Fully enclosed tunnel

Ma's raised bed and grow bed.

From raising the bed and filling it with soil an stumps    
Too much work to try and cover the little plants with straw - the bird used to scratch it out and the geese found the soft leaves. Needed protection. To creating a net cove r Installing a micro watering system
From having still a lot of weeds and unimproved soil To having the most wonderful dark compost improved soil the 2nd yea that we could grow out little seedlings

Getting the living soil in the tunnel

Improving the soil - alfalfa help a lot. Used a thick mulch cover After two months (Sept) and digging still some mulch left in the paths. Adding compost bed by bed
Compacted soil with lots of weeds   turning a mulch (July)
Mulching each little plant - moisture contents might not be up to scratch Good compost worked in between seasons and just before planting much better  
watering the whole mulch cover with EM and molasses to help break it down but also add organism.    

Strawberry desperation

These three beds we build from the bottom up - taking care to add soil, and compost and organism to the bed. Slightly late in the season. For years we have been trying to improve and extend the strawberry - patch this whole area was just strawberries under stress Change of plan - need better soil and protection for the strawberries
Hard work to improve the soil - not organism yet, just different soils and texture Most of the vermicast went into the strawberry beds  

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