Agriculture Project 1 2014/2015

LivingSeedsTeach Everything - Food Security and Supply to the Needy

Opportunity to teach Vegetable Gardening Principles, Provide Seedlings to the Needy and Elderly and to Share Produce with the Needy

Renting "Vlakfontein Farm" for this purpose

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Where to buy SEEDS, learn about organic farming and see training rural Africa How to use and extend Effective Micro-organisms (EM) Products Growing and repairing your SOIL. The importance of Organic Gardening for Food


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There are different aspects that we are exploring to bring to communities: the vegetable Garden, Fruit and Berries, Crops for Flour and even rice production. AND Aquaponics - which is growing fish in your own back yard for eating or for selling

One of the Best ways to is to produce food AND ALSO enrich it and add value for use in your own community: Wheat >>> Bread; Fish >>> Restaurant; Berries >>> direct to the public but add more value as in preserving, juicing and drying! Not only does it illustrate more uses for your produce but also producing organic products that are worth more money.

Seedling soil: parts for seedling soil: Vermiculite, River Sand and Sifted Compost Re-use fertilized water: from the dam the geese love The protection "hothouse" for seedlings with sprayer heads
Raised bed and wood perma-bed: layers of compost and soil on top Planting Season September 2014 Covered and water sprayers Covered bed: and sowing directly
The 2 types of parsley Covered bed with permanent sides because of the hedgehogs. Need answer for the birds Mulching tomato seedlings
The Strawberries planted in the slightly raise bed with new soil Waiting for the summer rains.  

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